Zoë Della Rocca is a master of creative hair and make-up, her avant-garde flair being highly in demand during London Fashion Week 2014.

Zoë continues to work as personal stylist to the effervescent Gracie Opulanza, co-founder of online magazines Sport Style Fashion and Men Style Fashion.com, which rank amongst the top five fashion websites in the world.

The Vault of Metamorphosis exhibition saw the start of a continuing collaboration with acclaimed, multi award winning fine art photographer Justyna Neryng. Zoë has collaborated and produced bespoke pieces for fashion  editorials, ranging from cutting edge head-dresses to the now famous peacock eyelashes, as worn exclusively  by Gracie Opulanza.

Zoë also makes bespoke nail creations that have been heavily featured in numerous publications.  Zoë’s first assignment after graduating from the acclaimed Glauca Rossi School of Fashion and Photographic Make Up was a look book for Vogue.

Since then, her work has been exhibited across the gamut of high end fashion tomes, regional publications and various other magazines within the world of creatives. Zoë divides her creative energies between producing highly innovative and original bespoke pieces with forward thinking make up and hair techniques.  This allows her the full freedoms that a traditional make up artist may not be afforded.

Zoë has worked on countless projects, from music videos and corporate media to styling three time world downhill champion Greg Minnaar. Each project Zoë encounters is met with a fresh approach to the mediums presented, and met with an esoteric and free form set of ideals. Zoë couples this with her schooling and traditionalist values to constantly create an innovative end product.