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Queen Bee
I’m a people person, I love talking to people… I’m not usually one for writing blogs.
However, my recent collaborations with Chrissie Nicholson-Wild and Zoe Van Spyk have got me buzzing with excitement, and now I want to share. 

Our concept for the shoot had been based around a 17th century theme…. I started having visions of sky high powder wigs, dripping with pearls and twinkly gems.













How wonderful!….but, I had never made a wig before!!

‘Rise to the challenge’ is almost our team motto…this is why I love working with these girls.
We push the boundaries of our knowledge and skills and support each other implicitly without question.
So….needless to say…. Anything and everything is possible!

30 hours of ‘hive’ energy, fiddling and piercing my fingers multiple times with a needle, and the wig was born!!

queenbee wig1



We shot at Powis Road Studio, the day was magical, model Natasha Gatward had amazing patience and extreme talent when balancing the wig gracefully upon her head, never complaining once.

Here is a little insight on how I achieved the looks….
Firstly, I used ‘Mac Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion‘ on the face and neck, followed by ‘Malin+Goetz Vitamin E face moisturiser‘. This was a great base to put on the foundation layer of white, which consisted of a ‘Snazaroo’ white face and body make up and ‘Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream‘ mix.

Prepare Well!
Mix your make up colours together before application and have all your brushes and wipes to hand…this can get messy! If you are working in a cold space or the ‘Snazaroo‘ has hardened, leave it near a radiator to melt down a little before mixing with the Eight Hour Cream.
The mix should feel like a silky paste, this ensures even application.
My tip: Always remember to use a powder puff and a cotton wool pad to rest on any area of the face at all times so that the oil and temperature of your fingers don’t affect the make-up you have just applied.

I wanted to experiment with the brow shape and translate the rough lace influence .
I used ‘Kryolan eyebrow plastic’ to cover the original eyebrows keeping it a little roughly applied to show the edges.
This was topped with the white base which was applied all over the face and down the neck using my MAC 187 brush to blend really well.
My tip: If the eyebrow plastic is very hard, use a lighter briefly to soften the end of the stick before breaking a piece off.
I powdered in a short round eye brow above the models natural brow with slanted brush (MAC 266)

Cameo blue was applied across the whole eye and blended up into the socket keeping a ‘half moon’ shape. A slightly darker blue was applied to the corner of the socket…blending all the time to create a smooth transition.
I used a selection of colours for the eyes ranging from mint to royal from my ‘Beauties Factory Palette’ which worked beautifully against the white base.
To finish, the eye was lined with MAC ‘Plumage’ eyeshadow.

Cheeky Cheeks
Illamasqua Cream blusher colour was applied on the apples of cheeks and then powdered with MAC powder blush in ‘Pink Swoon’. In the studio it created a very ‘doll-like’ look to the make-up, which worked perfectly with the addition of the wig and costume.
My tip: Before setting the face with MAC ‘Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder’ make sure you are happy with the blending and have ironed out any creases that may have appeared.

MAC ‘Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder’ is currently one of my ‘to go’ products and keeps any look in place all day!

Max Factor Lipfinity ‘lasting lip tint’ was used to stain the lips giving them a gorgeous ‘pinched’ look.

Moving on:

For the ‘High Fashion’ look I elongated the eye shape.
Darker blue shadows were placed in the sockets and MAC ‘Vanilla Pigment Colour Powder’ was applied in the inner corners of the eyes.
Heavy layers of white mascara and blue eyeshadow were applied to the lashes.
The cheeks bones were highly defined using MAC ‘Frankly Scarlet’ powder blush.
Lips were lined and boldly filled into shape using a mix of MAC ‘Morange’ and L’oreal ‘Coral Floral’
I finished with a dot of the lip colour under the middle of each eye to balance the look.

What a fantastic experience!…. Yes, I will be doing more with this awesome team…..keep your eyes peeled, I have a funny feeling this could be the start of something great!!