TAPT Shoot

A fashion shoot with a literal twist

A few months ago I worked on a project for bespoke Bristol-based fashion label TAPT and I’m very excited to now be able to share some of the creative images from the photo shoot.

Firstly – it literally was a shoot with a twist; the models were an eclectic mixture of dancers, yoga experts and contortionists. Not your typical day in the office!

Dressed in latex, courtesy of Regulation, each of the four models looked as though they’d been poured into their outfits. TAPT specialise in prints made from hand-drawn artwork, so the black latex body suits provided the perfect backdrop to showcase their designs.

Stylist Tara Sugar said:

“The shoot was a concept test for Nick (photographer) and myself, to see what happens when fractals on bodies are contorted. The idea stemmed from various overlapping ideas we each had.”

“We started with latex for a surreal painted body texture, then incorporated the TAPT prints in the shoot. This is intended to be an ongoing project and possibly eventually an exhibition.”



With a clear focus on the TAPT prints, geometric patterns and the models’ bodies, the brief for the make up was to keep it natural.

I was given free direction when it came to the hair, so this was my chance to really have some fun. In keeping with the nature of the shoot, I opted for bold shapes. This resulted in lots of backcombing, spraying and pinning, and in Lisa’s case I used foam to build up the shape of the hair on top of the head.


See below for some additional images from the shoot:






I particularly enjoyed the male grooming aspect for this shot and had great fun making new shapes with Amadis’ facial hair:



TAPT www.tapt.co.uk

Photographer – Nick Delaney – www.nickdelaney.com

Stylist – Tara Sugar – www.tarasugar.com


Models – Lisa Lottie, Amadis Sidama, Chetana Thornton, Reuben DotDotDot

Wardrobe Assitants – George Alexander Thompson, Angela Prottey-Jones